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Hirad Rezaei

Computer engineer

Born on March, 21, 2002
Graduated from one of the top Universities in Iran
Specialized in web designing abd programming
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About me

about me

IT technician & website designer

first name : Hirad

last name : Rezaei

Date of brith : 21 March 2002

Gender : male

Languages : english and persian

freelancer : yes

phone number : 09001057010

Gmail : Rezaeiblogg@gmail.com

Nationality : Iranian

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Web-Based Programmer

create applications on the web
Website Designer (HTML / CSS)


research, design, and implement technical specifications for projects with wordpress

Network technician

Handle implementing, maintaining, and repairing computer

Content producer

Professional content production team - Making promotional teasers and etc ...

Python Programmer

creating, designing, and delivering computer applications and other programs in Python

Programming and Software Instructor

Network ++ , Website Designing And Python Programming


2018 - 2019

Pre-IELTS teacher

English and Pre-IELTS Teacher at Tehran Technical Complex

2019 - 2021

Network and Software Teacher

Teacher of network ++ , website designing and programming at School

2019 - 2021

English teacher

English teacher at Iranian School

2021 - 2022

Senior Advisor

Senior digital marketing and Instagram marketing consultant

2023 - 2025

Website designer

Front-end developer (Html & css)

2023 - 2025

Website designer

Back-end developer (Php)

2021 - 2022

Python programming instructor

Python programming with Django and Cherry


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Coming soon

Coming soon

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Iran / Tehran provice